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24"x 36"
"Alight” is firmly planted in the "energy field” series that I do. These pieces are the visual manifestation of the vibrating nature of all things. At a concert when the music is loud and the air in the room is alive if one closes one’s eyes and tries to imagine how the sound "looks” this is what one sees. I like the notion of how the world must feel to a dog who smells with a thousand times the sensitivity of the human nose. Every breeze must be a kaleidoscopic torrent of information.


"Alight” is one moment. One morning while out in the yard with a cup of coffee, a buzzing next to my head turned out to be not a bumblebee but a baby hummingbird. "Alight” contains that motion just then. It could be the hum of electrons circling, that beating of miniscule wings or a light shining through the canopy.


"Alight” is about motion…..


When you walk past this piece it "blooms.”