copper moon bowl
copper moon bowl
5.5"dia x 1"H
Inspired by images from Voyagers I and II and the Hubble Space Telescope’s genuinely awesome vision, these bowls capture the mystery of our solar system’s dance partners. Our smaller companions display surfaces ranging from the icy marble of Europa and its scarred, frozen companion Callisto to the volcanic Io whose surface is so violently pulled by the gravity of Jupiter that a constant volcanic repaving is taking place. Patinaed brass and copper convey the fractured surface of Miranda orbiting Uranus, the mutating Io, the atmosphere shrouded Triton and the dark, reddish layer of unknown material on Saturn’s strange moon Iapetus. This copper bowl is patinaed in a time consuming process that involves a tremendous amount of heat, patience and focus, followed by a hard wax, which is buffed on a polishing wheel, to seal the finish. Each bowl is a one-of-a-kind object, impossible to reproduce, a tiny map of an alien place. The BRM touchmark along with the date of its creation (in terrestrial time for simplicity) is stamped onto the bottom.
Price is per moon bowl.
Shadow boxes are sold separately.